say hi to daul kim


i am finally gonna ink you babe.
i love you so much.
till this day, i still don't quite believe, you're gone.
i know this is sick. but sometimes when i go to your blog, i hope to see new entries.
i love you.

say hi to forever.


it was kinda a last minute decision and I was going to sell my ticket but I couldn't find any buyers, I felt really bad for suju. The fb pages were flooded with sellers, like no one were gonna go to the concert. I heard standing pit tickets were sold at $40. wtf much. It was retailed at $211.

I really enjoyed the concert. Really happy I made it there in the end.
It was really tiring since I was at the standing pit. It wasn't as squeezy as I expected though. I thought there will be lots of squeezing and pushing etc but my pit had more than enough space. I was only 2 metres away from the stage!.. with just a few rows of not pushy people in front. I was even late!

Didn't bring my dslr along.. as I said, it was a last minute thing... so I took photos using my iphone -.-... Surprisingly, photos turned out to be quite clear! I mean of cause it'd be better if I brought along my dslr but look at the photos (below)... not bad right!

Siwon is so funny. He made a short intro about himself then added if we want to go to the church with him in English? HAHA. I would go and commit sins with you man. LOL.
And I bet he does selcas A LOT. YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID WITH THE FANS?? He was around the area where he could reach the hands of fans... he took their polaroid camera, turned around(with himself in the picture).. AND TOOK A SELCA of them together! He did that with 2 different fans in like... 3 seconds? omg the fans were just screaming... they didn't even ask him to do that. I was really shocked. I don't know about other countries but what he did was beyond amazing. It was rather fucking amazing.

And Ryeowook! Omg he is my new love. He kept running to my side and his skin... IS FLAWLESS. He is just omg la. And his voice... /MELT/

He sang the ost for Cinderella's Sister... omg he must be so proud of us Singaporeans ok. So many of us sang along... he even shoved his mic out and made us sing along the chorus... not just one sentence... it was 4 I think. AMAZING OK. Maybe not exact Korean words but most of us knew how to. /HAPPY/

Heenim. I was looking forward to see him the most!!!!! Love him most but there were A LOT Heenim fans. But he only came to my side for 2 or 3 times :( His Lady Gaga's performance was ftw though.

Teukie, AHH LEADAR. HE IS SO HANDSOME MAN. During Bonamana, he was just wearing a blazer... WITH NO INNER TOP. And during his focus, he BARED his back. FAN SERVICE YO.

Shindong, I am kinda mutual... I kept thinking about his 'marriage' and sorry... when he was jumping right in front of me, I couldn't help but notice his fats jumping too. LOL.

Kyuhyun, his voice is amazing. HE PERFORMED XING BU LIAO QING! OMG LA. His pronunciation is like better than most Singaporeans! I love that song! And he didn't sing a single wrong word!

Eunhyuk, YOU DANCING ROBOT. HE IS DAMN GOOD. There were a lot of parts he was doing all the difficult chim dancing! So charismatic.

Donghae, don't really have much impression of him. Think he came my side only a few times!

Sungmin. DAMN CUTE DAMN FUCKING CUTE. I never really had the impression that he is this cute. AND him and Ryeowook together? THEY ARE LIKE TWINS.

Zhoumi. Didn't know SJM was gonna come! He did the dance of Elva Hsiao's shan liang sth song! He sounded gay though... and he lip synced. Yeah.

Henry, BOY IS TALENTED. I thought I would see his violin. People behind me were saying how talented he is blah. He sang Justin Bieber's Baby... the front part he played it with a live piano and sang a bit.. but the rest were lip synced :(

there was this special performance for a member.
Everyone were watching the performance for a minute and thinking who is that white shadow? Who who who? I even joked to a girl beside saying that it might be Wooyoung since it looked like it but its impossible since he is in JYP....
......and it turned out to be.. Kang In.

I FUCKING CRIED SO DAMN FUCKING BADLY. OK. FUCKING SERIOUS. Tears were all over my cheeks man. I am not even a true Super Junior fan. I mean I do like them and all but I don't follow them hard enough. I was sobbing real hard and tears continued after that. Girl beside me told me that Lee Teuk looked like he was gonna cry.
I turned around, while asking girl beside me why isn't she sad?, why isn't she crying?... then suddenly I feel like there aren't many true fans around and I felt awful for Suju. I seriously think that if it was in Korea, Krfans would cry harder than me.

how to not cry you tell me you tell me


Ohwell... I really enjoyed the concert but unfortunately, I had to leave early and I missed WonderBoy performance ahhh!!! Heard they did a lot fan service for that part!
And boys didn't perform Norago :( not sure if they did for 2nd day.

Thought I'd be quite clueless about most of their songs but I only didn't know some of them! Like 2 or 3!

Would go for SS4 if there is one in future!

some must see footage.

photos from my phone.

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Already at Season 5.... gosh I wanna watch all but what am I supposed to do once I am done till airing episode?
I don't think I can take one 20mins episode weekly.

intro me any other funny sitcoms!







Barney is erm, the actor irl, is gay.
Can't believe it man. Such a womanizer in the show. He probably kissed more girls than he ever kissed irl.
I wanna turn him straight!